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fashion dj lola langusta

Born amongst the Panthera Onca in the mosaic basin of the Colombian Rainforest, Lola developed a symbiotic relationship with the music of the jungle. She was nurtured by nature and naturally felt nourished, but her animal instincts made for a restless heart. So Lola blasted off on a Space Oddity. She took her protein pills and put her helmet on, leaving behind her native land for an unknown world of Kaleidoscopic sounds.

Suddenly, all of the colors she knew were new and it was known that her no’s would now be yes’s. The music of the cosmos inspired a new passion in Lola one that she didnt know existed. She met this brilliant woman named Tina and Tina taught her a thing or three about the ones and twos. See, she left a good job in the city, working for the man every night and day, but she never lost a minute of sleep, worryin bout they way things might have been. You know the rest.

Proud Mary rolled Restless Lola all the way to the big city where she encountered her soul and her soul had plenty to say. She danced with a man who looked like a dinosaur, so she called him T-rex. They went out for a night on the town and Lola asked “did you dance yourself right out of the womb?” He responded, “Is it strange to dance so soon?” She found him absolutely fascinating and often played music for him just so he would dance. It filled her up, it made her whole, this is your calling!, shouted her soul.

So, Lola played music for everyone to dance and laugh and sing and love while her prehistoric friend shouted at the top of his lung, “You can bump and grind, it is good for your mind; You can twist and shout, let it all hang out; But you wont fool the Children of the revolution!”

They would dance all night and Lola found herself in company that felt right. The floor was icky, but it didnt stop Iggy. The whole Gang was there, so Lola introduced Kool, just to be fair. Chic was kinda chic and when she would speak everyone would listen. They danced so much they would get The Cramps, but dont worry, there was always The Cure. Lou was there and Nico too, Prince stirred up Controversy so Bowie grabbed Mick and said lets go Dancing in the Streets.

Among The Whispers of all The Talking Heads, Lola realized This Must Be The Place. So here she stayed.

DJ Lola, began her career 6 years ago when she and some friends teamed up and started a 70′s Rock and Soul night down stairs in the basement of Baddies in the West Village of New York. She quickly realized that it wasn’t just about the music but the art of being a DJ. As a gift, a friend who supported her talent and ear for music gave her a set of Technics and she has not stopped playing since.

Lola’s sound and energy is truly unique. Channeling her old soul with an eclectic array of 50’s -70’s blues/rock, funk, soul, old school hip-hop, indie, dance, house and world. DJ Lola possesses the unique ability to motivate the crowd, by linking the past with the present into an overall multi generational soundtrack of music mastery. To accommodate her hectic schedule and demands Lola Now splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. As New York and LA based DJ, she carries a wide range of different sounds to appease to any crowd

“Each place I play and each person that walks through the doors, carries their own energy. I love that because it makes each night I DJ feel like the first time and every song I play has a new meaning and sound, no matter how many times I have played it” – Lola

Lola’s Residencies and clients include ; Valentino, Universal Music Group,  Interview Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, Oliver Peoples, Coachella 2012 /2013, Le Baron, Art Basel, West Way, 4am DJ’s, EMM Group, Dennis Basso, Dirty Laundry, DBA, The Montauk Beach House, Ruschmeyer’s , Surf Lodge, No Shame Records, Ace Hotel , Hotel Americano, Mondrian Hotel LA/NY, Marshall’s Headphones, Milagro, Mex and the CIty, Le Tigre ( Paris) just to name a few. Whether in intimate bars of Los Angeles , the nightclubs of New York City or special events, DJ Lola has been a rising personality on the 1’s and 2’s and she is just getting started.

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